Keeping In Touch – Don’t forget to Whitelist us!

We put an enormous amount of energy into keeping the platform current, safe and active.

Imagine our frustration when we found that one of our corporate e-mail addresses had been “spoofed” recently and we had been blacklisted as a global spammer by no-one less than Google (TM).

Not exactly good for business and dreadful for our registrations, alerts and Newsletters.

We have fixed this problem and taken steps to prevent it happening again, but it not only takes a while for the large e-mail anti-spam engines to start trusting us, but each and every one of you with an @gmail address needs to ensure that any e-mails you receive do NOT head straight for the “Spam” folder.

The more folks who click on us as ” not spam” the quicker the problem will resolve itself so please, take a minute from your busy day and check to see if you have any mail from us in your Spam or junkmail folders. It is really quite simple to restore us to full visibility and there are a wide range of aids available on ‘tinternet to help you if you need more guidance.

Hope this has been a useful notice and thanks for reading. Even more thanks if you subsequently check your junkmail box and restore us to our rightful place in your in tray.