When “Kobelt” became “Cobalt” and your autocorrect just refused to co-operate.

Why it pays to check what you’ve typed. Always! Always! Always!

Good Morning from sunny (?) Gatwick where thanks to the NATS computer meltdown yesterday, the August Bank Holiday was a lot quieter ( 500 flights delayed, cancelled or diverted) until the ‘glitch’ was sorted out.

Back to work at the crack of dawn on Tuesday there was a new “Public Message” on Partfindermarine.com from a user looking for an MAN B&W D2842 exhaust elbow. We thought it looked a bit familiar, so went to check our own trading Company’s listing for the part ( returned as part of a cancelled order some time ago), which had had so far met with absolutely no interest.

A careful look at the listing showed the part number had been “modified“, as had the alternate number so neither the stamped designation nor the parts book number were listed correctly.

What a fantastic mistake to admit to in making this error, we who make a living out of accurate data entry, but it can and does happen and thankfully it has now been spotted and corrected.

Autocorrect has become a way of life now on our mobile devices as well as our office tools, and it is not likely to disappear anytime soon so yes, we should have spotted this sooner, and yes, we did wonder why this part is still here unsold, but really, there is a very very good reason for that.

The problem solved

If you want to sell a part with the part number 51.08101-3661 then don’t list it as 5108113661. It really is as simple as that.

Oh and by the way, this part is now over €2,000 new, so if you need one and want to save some money, give GDS a call on +44 1293 871767 or PM them via the Partfindermarine.com platform

Happy surging (“surfing) heavy lifting (“happy listing) and enjoy your mourning (“morning”)