Bye-Bye Dinosaur Fax Machine. Your time is over.

Dinosaur Technology. Times change. We’re in IT. We get it. Usually.

This week we removed our digital fax-to-email capability.

Our original fax number ( +44 1293 562066) went right back to the late 80’s and was ported to a digital option about 7 years ago, maybe more? I honestly can’t remember any more.

We kept it because once or twice a year something interesting/new popped into view on the printer, an order, a contract or an invitation to a really exciting party or launch.

Last month our provider increased our monthly fee for this service, and it prompted a look at what we were getting for our money, and the answer, sadly, was nothing. Nada. Niente. So that was it for the fax machine, a technology which revolutionised communications in the days of the analogue-modem, pre-internet business world.

Just mention the word “fax” to most millennials these days and IF they understand you, they probably think you are swearing at them. So adios fax machine, even adios to your virtual, digital version. You are no longer needed to support our business. You bring nothing to the table, so off the table you go

We’ll not rush to re-print our business cards, and bit by bit we’ll update our contact details on every site, portal, directory or listing, but in the meantime we’re still here, we’re still happy to hear from anyone ( OK, mostly anyone) and here are the ways you can still get in touch with us.

tel: +44 1293 871767
mobile/whatsapp: +44 7785 557474
Twitter: @Partfindermarin
LinkedIn: Partfinder Ltd

Facebook: @Partfindermarine

We looked long and hard for a photo of our own fax machine, the last one in captivity was ( I think) an HP or maybe Epson hybrid printer/fax/copier which inevitably needed a new ink cartridge every time it was used and mostly upset our cat with it’s clicking, whirring and beeping. But we couldn’t find one so here is a generic version, courtesy of wikipedia. Thanks Internet.

Photo credit/origin details as below