Sulzer spares – over 25,000 Line Items just added

Our plan to increase the spares listing to two million line items during 2019 is off to a cracking start with just under 26,000 line items of Sulzer two and four stroke spares added by one of our high-quality German suppliers.

Hamburg based Enex Gmbh is independent spare parts stockist with its own warehouse for Sulzer 2- and 4-stroke diesel engines and air compressors, where they stock almost everything a customer might require, from the smallest O-ring to the largest cylinder cover.

Enex GmbH is also involved in building and maintaining power plant engines, for which they also have an extended range of spare parts in stock.

The quality of Enex GmbH spare parts matches the high requirements of the engine manufacturers.


Engine type
Engine type
Air Compressor Cegielski Refrigerating Compressors
S 20
BAH 22
AL 20-24
AL 25-30
AV 25-30
ASL 25-30
ASV 25-30
ATL 25-30
ATV 25-30ZAL 40
ZAV 40
ZAL 40 S
ZAV 40 S
ZL 40-48
ZV 40-48
RND 68 / 68M
RND 76 / 76M
RND 90 / 90MRTA 52 / 52 U
RTA 58 / 58 TB
RTA 62 / 62 U
RTA 72 / 72 U

Other RTA
engines partial

L 32-40
V 32-40
ASL 25-30
ASV 25-30
SC 115
SF 125
SE 160 / A
Debica W92S
Ponar 68


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25685 Sulzer parts added 11Jan2019