MAN B&W 2 Stroke Marine Diesel Spares Package – Clearance Sale

Our good friends and well-known Sulzer specialists at Baltic Spares Service ( “BSS”) in Gdansk, Poland are currently engaged in the disposal of their considerable stocks of MAN B&W two stroke diesel spares as they wish to concentrate on their Sulzer business.

BSS would prefer to sell the entire stock of these parts by model number, so if you have an interest in L35MC, L42MC & S42MC, K45GF, L45GB, L45GF, S46MC, L50MC, S50MC & MC-C, L60MC, K62EF, K67GF, K80MC, L67GB & L67GF, S60MC and MC-C, L70MC, S70MC and S70MC-C, please contact them or us for a list of spares, alternatively all the parts are listed on the database.

Parts are New & ex-stock Gdansk. Pricing is set at a very attractive rate for these parts with a considerable discount off the list price. You can  contact BSS via e-mail on, call them on +48 585 540 270 if you need more information or wish to arrange a viewing.

Representative photos of this consignment in the gallery below.