Job Lot – 20′ Container Of Genuine Ex RAN Spares – Hyundai 6S50MC M/e And L23/30 Auxilliaries

Here we have new consignment of Hyundai MAN B&W 6S50MC main engine and L23/30 auxiliary engine spares offered as a job lot of around 15 tonnes GW in a 20′ container.

All the parts are genuine MAN B&W and come from a recently decommissioned Royal Australian Navy (“RAN”) vessel.

All these parts are currently available individually but the owner is looking for a bulk buy to ship them all in one go (sounds like a far better option to us). The options are FOB Sydney NSW (Australia) or packed in a seaworthy 20′ container, the estimated GW of which is in the region of 15 tonnes

5 x Liners P/N 90302-125-154
1 x Conrod P/N 90201-149-155
4 x piston crowns  P/N 90201-149-118
7 x piston skirts P/N 90201-149-180
10 x Pumps P/N 90901-0142—544
2 x Stuffing Boxes P/N 90205-95
1 x Cylinder liner P/N 30601-22E-2939
17 x Piston ring P/N 90201-149-072
20 x Covers P/N 90902-0073-551
2 x Thermometers 650C P/N 31308-01E1-08
4 x Injector nozzles  P/N 90910-0139-065
6 x Injector plungers P/N 90910-0139-219
3 x Pump subassemblies P/N90901-142-652
1 X Pump assembly P/N 90901-142-544
1 x Non-return valve P/N 90302-125-105
3 x Valve P/N 91101-0037-058
3 x Valve body P/N 90901-0142-664
1 x Reed valve P/N 30801-17H-5518 
1 x Oil sealing unit P/N 90802-0047-019
10 x Banjo coupling P/N 90904-0029-300
10 x Union nut P/N 90904-029-432
1 x Cylinder sleeve P/N 90703-E82-105
2 x Water cooling pieces P/N 30902-13E-1976
2 x Protective covers P/N 90902-0073-372
2 x Valve plug P/N 90803-18-087
1 x Conrod bush P/N 30701-15H 0386
6 x Clevis rod end P/N 90904-0029-539
4 x Compression springs P/N 90903-0021-043
11 x 24V Relays Honeywell P/N SZR-MY4-N1
1 X 200V AC Relay Honeywell P/N SZR-MY4
2 x O-ring P/N 90302-125-201
73 x O-ring P/N 90302-125-101

Not marked as Genuine Hyundai  parts:
24 x Barrel kits made by Nico Precision
P/N F5222029B  L23/30

We’ve added this list as a package sale on the PF database as well as sending it out as a “Public Message” for all to see.

Contact Mr John Talent via PM inside the platform or e-mail instead.