EMISA – 2019 AGM in Malaga April 12th

EMISA - free and fair competition

EMISA – free and fair competition

“Coming together is a beginning, working together is a success.”

EMISA represents the independent manufacturers and suppliers operating in the marine diesel engine and related equipment markets.

EMISA’s aims are:

  • Free and Fair competition in the market.
  • Innovation to ensure long term sustainable transport solutions.
  • A regulatory framework which supports these aims.

EMISA influences the International regulatory framework on behalf of its members and provides legal guidance on topics such as Intellectual Property law, Competition law, Copyright, Terms & Conditions and so on, to help the members understand and know how to act and be prepared. 

Our support for the organisation is focused on membership for Gatwick Distribution Services Ltd, as we believe very strongly in the concept of EMISA and how it works for smaller suppliers and manufacturers who do not have the global presence of many of the larger marine market players.

Value for your membership: 

  • Keep well informed about developments in the industry.
  • Share experiences and knowledge, for example how best to counteract anti-competitive behaviour.
  • Benefit from our guidelines to specific issues such as Intellectual Property and IMO reference numbers on components.
  • Benefit from the EMISA patent research service.
  • Have a voice in lobbying the EU and IMO.
  • Networking opportunities.

Newly registered in the Netherlands (previously in Belgium) the group is meeting for its Annual General Meeting on April 12th in Malaga, Spain. If you would like to see the agenda, JOIN IN or receive membership details and benefits please contact Mered de Vries Managing Director of EMISA, her details are below:

Contact: Mered de Vries – Managing Director EMISA – m.devries@emisa.eu – +31 654 905 859

info@emisa.eu  www.emisa.eu