EGS Governor Overhauls special offers for June/July 2018

EGS Governor deals May 2018

Our friends at Essex Governor Services have launched a summer promotion to encourage Governor refurbishment.

“We recommend that Governors are overhauled around 20,000 working hours or 3 years. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of the Governor and help the engine run more effectively”, says Sales Director Wayne Ward.

Gold Seal ‘Fixed Price’ Overhauls

EGS offer a unique ‘Gold Seal’ price for overhauls on most mechanical Woodward units, this price is all inclusive with no hidden extras and allows clients to budget in advance for planned maintenance.

The price is inclusive of the renewal of all consumables spares and any other parts requiring renewal due to wear, damage, corrosion or modification to the latest design standard.

This fixed price will be quoted to you before the Governor is received.

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All Overhauled Governors are supplied with
12 months Warranty cover.