High-Quality OE Zollern bearings for Daihatsu PS range of engines now in stock

Latest stock arrivals at GDS are a huge collection of Zollern OE Daihatsu PS range of bearings:

Available now ex-stock Gatwick at excellent competitive prices. Nearly 500 pairs of main, rear and crankpin bearings. Ranging from standard to -3MM undersize, in 0.5mm increments, for the Daihatsu PS range of marine diesel engines.

All these high-quality are now listed in the Partfindermarine database, all OE Zollern and all made in Germany.

Main bearing rearC010730040Z
Crankpin bearingA116235031A
Main bearingA116235021Z
Main bearingA116235012Z
Main bearingA116235013Z
Main bearingA116235011Z
Crankpin bearingA116235034A
Main bearingA116235024Z
Crankpin bearingA116235036A
Main bearingC010730020Z
Main bearingA116235015Z
Crankpin bearingC101930030A
Main bearingA116235024Z
Main bearingA116235016Z
Main bearingA116235017Z
Main bearingA116235027Z
Main bearingA116235025Z
Main bearingA116235026Z
Crankpin bearingA116235037A
Main bearingC101730050B
Crankpin bearingA116235035A
Crankpin bearing shellC265200070B

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