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Why we need a “Maker Synonym Table”

Contrary to public opinion, computers, and more specifically databases and spreadsheets, are not at all smart. What they are is logical and binary, and most important of all they do what they are told, so the old adage of “garbage in = garbage out” has never been more relevant. Just take a quick look at […]

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Partfindermarine Newsletter Archive 2016 Part 2 – Issues 33-36

Six years and 36 Newsletters later, we thought with was about time to produce a linked archive to each one, just to look back and re-read as and when. Here are our four latest issues. Look out for the next series to be indexed here soon. Issue 36 – Type 26 Frigates confirmed, QA […]

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Using Partfindermarine – get more from your “Search”

This morning we had an e-mail from one of our clients, looking for some MAK pistons and claiming he could not find them in the system. We checked and found exactly what he needed, which begs the question, should we improve our system training and how can we best help our clients get the most […]

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